Green Schools 

Well done to our team for attaining our 5th Green Flag.  We put up a squirrel feeder to encourage squirrels in. Ms Lord sowed wildflower seeds in 3 of the 4 raised beds. These will attract butterflies and bees into our garden in summer. We also have bluebell and hyacinth bulbs planted. Crocus bulbs have been planted along the back of the garden. The fourth raised bed is for acid loving plants like heathers. This represents bogland habitats. We have placed birdbaths along the fence for the birds and also to provide a drink  for other creatures.Trees and plants around the perimeter of the school grounds have been named and recorded.  We have perspex birdfeeders on classroom windows so that the children and staff can get to see birds up close..

Ms. Lord, Ms Rushe and the Green Schools team have successfully achieved the fifth green flag for the school. Well done to all for their participation. We had a great response from the pupils  helping with biodiversity in our school community.

Some improvements so far.....

  • The water meter is checked every week to measure usage.

  • Hippo bags have been installed in all the toilets

  • We have an efficient rain harvesting system in the new build of the school 

  • Water usage has decreased in the classrooms as pupils are taking the necessary steps to conserve water.


Ours is a school with a Catholic ethos and a spirit of mutual respect is promoted within the school. It is our endeavour to enhance the self-esteem of all in the school community and to imbue in the pupils a sense of respect and responsibility for themselves, others, the school, the local community and the environment.

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